Richard Coyle on “Life of Crime”

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What was the attraction of ‘Life of Crime’?

‘I wanted to do it with [director] Jim Loach, having really enjoyed “Oranges and Sunshine”. And I like things that have time to breathe. I liked the idea of following characters through three time periods: the ripple effect of someone’s actions on the people around them over time.

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Last news for now

Honestly, I have no idea, if it will be ok – to put here links to such movies as “Othello“, “The Best Man“, TV-show “Strange”  and others.
So, will see, maybe it will be here later. For now – more interviews, more, and .. yeah, more.

One more time , all the last news:

Richard Coyle at ‘Spring Breakers’ Afterparty at Arcola Theatre, Dalston (02/04).

Spring_Breakers_ScreeningLondon 2 Spring_Breakers_ScreeningLondon


And John mentioned  (17/04) that “Sets are currently being built and I’m visiting next week to see how things are progressing. The following week I’m playing golf with Mark Pegg (producer), Farren Blackburn (director) and Richard Coyle (plays me in film).”


good luck, guys.

The Food Guide to Love (2013) and Vengeance waits (also  2013 ). Life of crime is somewhere there too.
Another film, called Dream On (facebook page), is on it’s starting line, as we see.
Overwatch as well.

Look forward to the summer of 2013.