Exclusive: ‘Crossbones’ Star John Malkovich Previews NBC’s Pirate Drama Miniseries.
An interview with marvelous John Malkovich about “Crossbones” and all the cast
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Crossbones Trailer:

Don’t forget, “Crossbones” premieres Fri.,
May 30 at 10 p.m.
on NBC.


Crossbones wrap up party at Palmas del Mar


The TV series Crossbones, an upcoming American television series based on the life of the pirate Edward Blackbeard has been filmed in Ceiba and the surrounding waters for the last months (as you saw on twitter).

Many of the artists and production personnel have been living in Palmas del Mar, including the leading actor John Malkovich (playing the role of pirate Edward Blackbeard) and Richard Coyle, the first male figure in the series after Malkovich, and it was a wrap party on Fab, 9.. more photos here

The information and photo kindly provided by  seepalmas.com


Richard Coyle, Claire Foy and John Malkovich in Crossbones / pirate thriller

Richard Coyle and Claire Foy have joined the cast of NBC’s Crossbones.
The pirate drama has been devised by Luther creator Neil Cross and will star John Malkovich as Blackbeard – real name Edward Teach.
Coyle – will play Tom Lowe, an undercover assassin who targets Teach, Deadline reports.
Foy (Upstairs Downstairs) will play Lowe’s love interest, a pirate on Blackbeard’s crew.

Crossbones is set in 1715, with Blackbeard reigning over a rogue nation of thieves, outlaws and miscreant sailors
The ten-part series – with a premiere directed by Hannibal’s David Slade – will debut on NBC in 2014.

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Review: Grabbers!!



Horror is a genre that tends to go “back to the well” quite often for inspiration, revisiting situations again and again. Some countries produce so many that the movies begin to run together because of their similar themes and ideas. Not every country has a high output of horror though, so they tend to put out some gems when they do dip their pen in the red….

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Grabbers in the U.S. (Finally??? OH WOW!)


IGN presents the new U.S. poster and trailer debut for Grabbers, a horror comedy directed by Jon Wright and available in select theaters and on VOD starting July 19th. Look HERE  for more information


Here’s the official plot synopsis followed by our exclusive U.S. poster debut for the film:

On Erin Island, an idyllic fishing village off the coast of Ireland, charming but somewhat work-shy Ciaran O’Shea, is tasked with greeting Lisa Nolan, a straight-laced young officer who has arrived from the mainland. Not that there is much for them to do, aside from dealing with the occasional drunk, and that’s usually O’Shea himself. But strange doings are afoot: the crew of a fishing boat disappears, whales start appearing dead on the shore, a local lobsterman catches a strange tentacled creature in his trap. Soon it becomes clear to O’Shea and Nolan that there’s something big out there, and that it’s hungry. It’s time to rally the villagers, arm the troops…and head to the pub.